Fawn DeViney is a photographer who lives on the Oregon Coast.

photo by Richard Douglas Gledhill

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The woman who has a way with neutrals. Fawn has developed a soothing visual language that - much like an afternoon stroll or a milky cup of tea - has an instantly calming effect.
— Irene Edwards, LONNY MAGAZINE
... luckily I FOUND HER. And went down another proverbial rabbit hole looking at her lovely photographs.
— Diana Moss, MISS MOSS
Crisp, clean, and clear, her work has a calming quality, one that encourages deep breaths and reserved examination. It’s an intimate quietude seemingly reflected in DeViney’s daily life.
— Becky Bartkowski, PHOENIX NEW TIMES
There’s a mood to Fawn DeViney’s images – a sort of deep-breath-outness – that I find irresistible (I’d be flicking through them all day if I could). They offer a moodboard of the kind of serene lifestyle you could definitely lead…if only you won the lottery and moved somewhere in Italy
— Kassia St. Clair, Author, SECRET LIVES OF COLOUR